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PT. Bank Keb Hana Indonesia
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
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Posted : 06 April 2022 00:00 WIBtutup
Kategori Posisi : Perbankan/Finansial
The Bank was established on 27 April 1971 under the name of PT Bank Pasar Pagi Madju. In line with the change in its status from a retail banking to a commercial bank in 1989, the Bank’s name was changed into PT Bank Bintang Manunggal (Bank Bima). This status change had a positive impact on the Bank’s performance and succeeded in attracting Hana Financial Group to take over the majority of the Bank’s shares. The change in the Shareholders was followed by a change in its name into PT Bank Hana.

In 2013, PT Bank Hana took a strategic action by merging with PT Bank KEB Indonesia to create synergies in the banking business. This business activity caused the Bank to change its name to PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia or known as Bank KEB Hana. However, in 2020, Bank KEB Hana yet again made a brand change to Bank Hana. By these changes, Hana Bank is increasingly ready to strengthen its competitiveness, both in Indonesia and globally, through the consistency of the brands used by the group.
  • Bachelor's degree or master's from reputable university, majoring in Computer, Science/Information Technology, Engineering, or equivalent
  • Outstanding academic and non-academic achievements, minimum GPA of 2.75 or equivalent
  • High achievers, strong team players, strong customer focus, willing to learn, high curiosity, problems solvers, proactive for initiate improvement, interested and updated on what's happening in IT area
  • Ages, max 26 years old
Jenjang : Minimal Sarjana/S1
Jurusan : Semua Jurusan
Level Masuk : Entry Level
Penempatan : DKI Jakarta
Tipe Kerja : fulltime
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